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The Honest Guys “Relaxing Music”

Hi everyone

Here are a few more links for your listening pleasure. These are great for meditation. They are great for a short or long “time out” from your daily activities and ventures. This type of healing music is wonderful for entering the door to a vast dimension of nothingness. This is where the universal intelligence (life) is to be found. It is there always; only are conditioned emotions and behavior seldom allows us to free-fall into this realm that is our nature birthrate as a conscious form existing in life.

The Honest Guys “Forest Music”

Tibetan Chimes Healing

I hope that you will experience this vast emptiness that contains everything. It is the essence of life. We, as a self-conscious form can find our way back to the simplicity of life. We have always been a part of it; we have only forgotten. I wish to thank the Youtube uploaders for this beautiful music.

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