Live to Live and Be Alive

You live and then you cease to live. This is the simplicity of object existence. Therefore, we can say that you are now alive. This seems logical and plausible. It is everything in a nutshell. Then why do we have such difficulty accepting and truly experiencing life?


You will experience happiness, sadness, sickness and death. However, this is not really you. The true you (universal self) is now manifesting through a temporary home called the body. Furthermore, what happens to it does not define you; unless you allow it. This does not mean that you must resist what occurs. Rather, everything should first be accepted because this nurtures conscious awareness. This suggests that it is truly enough just to live.

Live Naturally with Life

The traits of our species evolution have become a barrier. The day is filled with distractions that restrict the flow of life energy that is manifesting through us. We live but it is questionable if we are actually aware of what it means to live. Your first reaction (mind) could cause you to resent this statement. Nevertheless, please consider this insight from a space that is beyond the conditioned mind.

We conduct ourselves in a manner that is oriented on routines. Nevertheless, we seek to step outside of these habits. This is why many people try new things or start a hobby. However, this usually only invokes a new methodical behavior. Our existence can be regarded as a manner by which we live. However, this does not confirm that you are alive. This is because mind behavior can cause us to overlook the marvelous experience of living. This insight was expressed by the Irish Poet Oscar Wilde in his quote.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
– Oscar Wilde

Best Wishes


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