Living and Truly Being Alive

It would be proper to start this article with a quote that offers much more about living then the words that are written.

“People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

If it is possible for you then please do your best to always understand that in every moment of life everything is happening as it should be happening. We are living but often we are not aware of being alive. This may sound very silly but please stop listening to the mind for a moment and reflect on what can be experienced beyond these words.


We experience large segments of this existence in a state of automation. Oh, it is correct to say that we laugh, we cry and often we are afraid but are we actually living? Your individual answer will naturally reflect whether the answer originates from within a state of unconsciousness or active consciousness. Every instance of your continuation as a person probably offers more than the mind can truly comprehend. This may be one reason why we have become so automated in aspects of living.

It seems, at least according to the mind, that it is better to avoid the full splendor of life in its pure essence. This has contributed to a state of conditioned behavior that is not really living but rather only existing.

The one thing that will change your world is to understand that, in both good times and bad also in happy times or sad, life will reveal itself according to how you see yourself in relationship to it. This will determine the state of awareness to living. It will correspondingly determine how life consciousness will manifest.

Living in Harmony

That is why it is spiritually beneficial to free the mind of the crazy things that humankind wants us to believe. Just trust your instinct and listen to the consciousness of life. Your instinct is the pure consciousness of life. Living is about remembering that you are alive and that life can and will unfold in many forms. The significance lies in finding balance within yourself and harmony with universal energy consciousness.

You will eventually become conscious, feel and know that everything is just as it should be, even when you can not understand it or you feel that it is so terrible or wrong. The truth is that life is just as it should be. Give good things to the field of life consciousness and it will give you good things back in return.

Best wishes

P.S. The attached link is an article from Psychology Today about living in the now.



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