Living Consciously: How about You?

It seems almost redundant to reflect and discuss living consciously because this is something that should occur naturally. Life and consciousness is; there is no need for any consideration. However we have lost touch with it and the reason for this may be as simple as the minds interference.


It is not accurate to say that the mind interferes with our access to living consciously. This is a simple matter of unawareness to the moment and life. This is not truly related to the mind because we are not the mind or body. We are the mystery that is part of all things that manifest and beyond. However we allow ourselves to remain unconscious due to the distractions of a seemingly complicated world that we have established.

Consciousness relating to energy and availability is constantly present. The problem is that it has become increasingly difficult to find the frequency to open a portal to this dimension. Living consciously has become a task instead of a natural occurrence.

Living in Awareness

This appears to be a direct result of a mind, thought and reaction conditioning. Surly other factors in our existence content structures also play a role in manipulating and restricting living consciously. I often ponder on the simple existence of a life-form with a less developed self-consciousness. Compared to other known life-forms we are blessed with a gift that usually remains hidden, or at the least, unnoticed.

It seems so easy to remain in this state of limbo. We choose to remain oblivious, but why? This is why I mentioned redundancy at the beginning of this article. It seems to be almost incomprehensible how we choose to disregard living consciously. We and everything in the universe are transmitting life conscious energy.

Usually we disregard the potential within this field. It is our level of self-consciousness that can provide the key to the universe and life as far as becoming aware of what has always been there. However this is something that we will need to acknowledge, accept and allow if there is to be a true shift from mind existence to conscious living.

Kind wishes to everyone

P.S. I will be sharing insights about Existentialism in my next article. Here is a link that considers living consciously.
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