Localized Consciousness: The Key to Life

Localized consciousness originates within the energy field of the mind. Becoming aware of this consciousness, whether we speak of self-consciousness or universal consciousness, could be considered unreliable. I suggest this because It is never the thought, word or action that defines consciousness. Consciousness is the whole. This truly means everything, including our mind, thoughts and localized consciousness.


The significance lies in awakening and accepting that we are a part of this life energy consciousness; this also means that we are “it”. Therefore for practical human purposes we can say that consciousness is “localized” simply because we (the manifestation of universal consciousness through this human body) choose to call this awareness to consciousness…localized consciousness.

The fact that we are awakening to the dimension of universal consciousness (which is actually localized + universal = oneness) gives us an opportunity in each moment to co-create with the field of life energy consciousness. We can… and do create through our intentions, but not specifically because these are localized intentions. It is because we are simply opening the portal to this dimension of universal consciousness through true awareness, then acceptance and eventually allowing it to flow. We become what we intend or wish, if it is truly in synchronicity with the flow that originates in the void of universal life energy consciousness.

Localized or Universal Consciousness?

A shift from localized consciousness to universal consciousness involves the observer and what is being observed. It may be more accurate to say that it is not “what” is being observed but “how” it is being observed. The observer can take on many levels in a repetitive manner. This is due to the enormous depth of consciousness. Let’s use an example to clarify this statement. You are sitting in the park. You (the observer) see a flower. The observer that observes the flower then observes the observer observing the flower. This observer is observed by the observer that is also observed by the observer and so on. This chain reaction of observation clearly shows that the dimension of consciousness is gigantic; perhaps infinite.

This is what I was referring to at the beginning of this article.  Awareness of consciousness can be unreliable. This is dependent on the manner by which the observer perceives localized consciousness. The mind / conscious energy of a life-form can and usually does influence the unmanifested field of universal consciousness. How this localized energy field affects the dimension of totality can change instantly. This shift will happen when we begin to realize that the life-form mind is the key to the doorway of universality. This pattern will remain until we have become more consciously aware. Then we will experience a direct unity with the field of totality. There will no longer be a mental need for a key (localized consciousness) to transcend an imaginary doorway.

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