Life Energy Glows…Love Grows…Share what is Known

What does sharing life energy and love mean to you?  Has the beauty of love been overwhelmed by the content of our existence?

Alan Watts – Why Is It So Hard:

What is Love? We talk about it. We write about it. Our behavior implies that we don’t know much about love. The truth has simply become obscured by too much content. We all do know what love truly represents. This knowledge is within the dimension of totality. We know this as truly as we innately sense universality.

Alan Watts – There Is No Name For It:

Only the a form object insists on duality…demands separation.

Alan Watts – What Did You Forget:

We are in this world but not of it. We are the universe; not a part of it. Only the a form object insists on duality…demands separation.

Alan Watts – Not Everyone Gets It, Its Okay:

Love is true. It is real. Human beings have unfortunately added too much content to the simplicity of love. We are life. You, me and everyone decides what will be manifested in this universe and naturally in our existence. Either we create a universe of love, compassion and totality or we succumb to human unconscious mind-generated thoughts of separation, limitation and domination.

Alan Watts – Go Over The Waterfall:

Best wishes to everyone


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