Love, Life and Consciousness

Love is a beautiful sensation; life seems to be filled with it. What association does it have with the dimension of oneness; if any? Is love an extension of universal consciousness or an entirely separate entity? A clearer understanding of it could contribute to the shift in our state of awareness and the expansion of human consciousness. May we say that love is a component of the field of universal energy? It is an emotional state which occurs in our human existence. This can be greatly restricting because love is often shown and experienced solely from a human conceptual viewpoint.

I am personally convinced that often our understanding of love does not have anything to do with its original source. It also has nothing to do with a Deity that has love in abundance to share with us when we have proven worthy of it.

Some readers may wish to grab the pitchforks and hunt me down. Please allow me to explain the above statements. I am not suggesting that there is no love present in the source of life. I am only offering an alternative to the traditional beliefs and interpretations which constitute our understanding of love.

Love is intertwined with life. We and any form that manifests life have integrated love into our existence, our interpretations of life and thereby established it as a universal life sub frequency. How have we accomplished such a feat? This is done solely through the nature process of evolution; any species evolution. The given level of any form consciousness then determines the…for lack of a better word, intensity of love created. Therefore a higher level of consciousness could indicate a stronger signal. The origins of this signal may very likely be woven into the tapestry of life.

How did this happen? We have been taught to “believe” that such an act can only be accomplished by a deity or some other unknown superpower. We have generally accepted that this must surely be true. Have we perhaps been fooling ourselves? Have we been playing the role of the fool; the jester that is the puppet of its own misunderstanding of life essence? If this is so then we have done this mostly unknowingly; and for this reason willingly. We continue doing this basically because we have been conditioned to do it. We generally remain unaware of this pattern. Love perhaps had no significant role in the field of totality until life forms projected it into the universe.

Love, Life and Consciousness are Universal

We integrate it into our understanding of life through the conscious desire to experience it in our existence. Thus we have succeeded in implanted it into the structuring of the universe. Might we say that it has been imposed into the core of life? May we further say that this development has been beneficial to the vibration of life / consciousness energy? Life forms have been self-imposing “love” onto the universal life code frequency. We might say that this as thus given life itself a grander state of “being”.

The included video clip is from Jidda Krishnamurti. He shares insights into consciousness and love. The video is the fourth in a series of retreats whereby he explores the essence of love and the content of consciousness.



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