Conditioned Love

The true actuality of love / life has often been labeled as unreachable; or at the least can only be acquired through loss or sacrifice. We distinguish love in the purist form as only attainable through a God or only to be experienced in a paradise called Heaven. There are human attributes which strongly influence these illusions associated with love. These are the same attributes that are responsible for our understanding of life. It always comes back to what we have discussed many times before. The level of consciousness that humankind has acquired through our evolution has been impaired and manipulated by side affects of mind / thoughts, emotions and conditioning factors. These restrictive side affects are actually a by-product of conditioned unconsciousness.


The term restrictive should be understood as constricting the connection that we have with the purity of life. This connection is there; regardless if our “species” is aware of it or not. We are life; we are love in its entirety. Realizing the significance of this statement will help us put our existence in perspective. The word(s) love/life has a more prevailing meaning than how we have interpreted and defined it. The intricate developmental patterns of humankind have built a wall between us and everything else. The complexities of human species content existence are so profound that each generation strives to find that which we have not lost. Our evolution has infused conditioning and unawareness as norms in our existence. It has programmed many deficiencies into our genetic codes relating to experiencing life and love on a one to one basis.

A child is born. The mother and father do not or cannot provide a loving environment for the child. What happens? The established patterns of human infancy and adolescence in such an environment indicate that this child may be doomed to any number of problems. Why does this happen? One reason may be because he or she has not “received” “love”. This might also be consider one of countless species evolutionary side affects. We are conditioned to believe that we must earn love.

Human beings are manipulated into accepting that first love must be earned and second that each human so desperately needs it. The latter would indicate that we have been guided, influenced and manipulated into believing that we have lost love. Additionally we are instructed by family, friends, religion and even science into accepting that we must define and categorize love. We place labels on it everyday; some new and others very old. We are restricted from feeling the essence of life energy love due to the human form conceptual definitions we place on it. We are practically forced to accept a type of dependency for love.

This dependency is caused by humankind’s self – induced assumptions. Our species behavior and conditioning dictate to us we cannot just “be” love, experience love or unconditionally “give” love. Our species, family, friends, society and religion dictate that there is always a catch. People of almost every ethnic group have been taught in some manner that only a deity can love “unconditionally”. We are condemned to acting out a life existence that is constantly searching for love. It actually appears as if human beings have been living in denial of true love and life for millennium. We have been compelled to accepting an illusion.

The development of human brain creativity has insured a thriving need to find what we “think” we have lost. This is not only in conceptual ideas of love. The humankind existence is evolved around searching. The inextinguishable need to find love is high on our list of human nature demands. We have thus made our human existence very dependent on outside influences. We are searching for love / life everywhere. We expect to find it through the obtainment of wealth and materialistic objects. We validate our capacity to love by using the things that we have acquired. We also do this in relationships. We assume that finding a partner will insure finding love. We even convince ourselves that we cannot love until we find that special someone. This type of conditioned behaviorism is also typically experienced in our understanding of life consciousness energy.

Best wishes to everyone

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