MAD: Misunderstanding a Dream

Have you every considered how often you become frustrated or mad about something or someone? This is usually not something that we actually consider because we do not like to experience such situations; much the less ponder on them. The word “mad” is of course, only a word. Let’s however use the word as a portal to what lies beyond this human phenomenon.


Many people suggest that being mad at something is due to various emotional and conditional behaviors. There are three behavior patterns that can be viewed as dominate in igniting anger in a person. These are fear, pain from the past and anxiety about the future; all of which are closely related due to our conditioned reactions.

What does the above paragraph offer in terms of understanding why we get mad? Could it be possible that we never truly get mad because of something or someone? Rather a state of “madness” can occur because we are unaware and actually mad at our own self. This is to say, the human self, personally and collectively, that has been created due to our behavior and conditioned reactions.

The person or thing that is encountered in a situation is, at best, the trigger that initiates an outburst of madness. I have made reference to the word madness in an attempt to expose the meaning of being mad for what it may truly represent. Here are a few synonyms that are used in replace of the word mad: unbalanced, distracted, illogical and unstable. The words used suggest that we seem to innately understand that being mad implies a simple lack of unawareness.

Go Beyond Being Mad

Madness, in reference to this article, results from carrying too much mental and emotional baggage. Does this however imply that the mind is continually mad or is it a person’s relationship to the mind that causes us to be mad? The majority of people experience this type of madness every day. It may be accurate to say that our species has become lost in this state of unconscious living.

A keen sense of self in regards to life, consciousness and conscious living would be beneficial in quickly subsiding frustration, anger and isolation. The paramount reason for this madness is our relationship to the content of our existence and more so, our lack of awareness to life. Realizing how essential the link between yourself and the universal self would be helpful in establishing harmony where there was madness.

Every object is manifesting the gift of life. Human experiences can be challenging. Life, however, is a dream to be consciously observed and not unconsciously denied.

Best wishes to everyone

P.S. The link from Psychology Today includes suggesting and insight into your relationship with the true self.


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