Madness: A Confusing Place

The night was refreshing calm as I gazed at the stars. However, suddenly the darkness became day as a barrage of rockets soared into the air. The smoke from their discharge hung low as one after the other ascending into the sky. It was midnight, New Years Eve, and the madness had begun.

The world or rather people seemed to be suffering a type of madness. The majority of the populace is enduring a conditioned insanity. This illness has many masks. It often masquerades as joy and hope for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, we have not come to terms with the realization that tomorrow is always now.

Eckhart Tolle has often referred to the madness that has dominated our existence. He shares this insight in a manner that allows a person to reflectively consider his or her own state of insanity caused by living unconsciously. We hope and plan for a better tomorrow but usually overlook this moment in our activities. This is similar to grasping for soap bubbles that sparkle in the sunshine.

A Madness of the Mind

A person will reach for a floating bubble with the intention to softly hold it. However, it almost always bursts and we have nothing but a shattered dream. Nonetheless, it is possible to desire, dream and even plan for something to manifest. Furthermore, the outcome of any desire depends solely on your state of awakened consciousness.

Life is a gift. It manifests through us to be shared. Life should be experienced wisely and above all, consciously.

Please reflectively consider this insight. I am not suggesting that you will always get everything that you desire. However, a deeper unity with consciousness will allow you to clearly experience any situation. This can only come to light when you are living in a state of presence.

There is an additional insight that I wish to share in this article. It correlates with the madness of an unconscious mind. The New Years Eve celebration for 2019 has come and gone. This is a typical example of our manic behavior. Fireworks cost billions of dollars each year. The purpose is to dazzle our imagination and create revenue for the economy.

The mind often uses celebrations to masquerade the confusion and restrictions it utilizes to keep us unconscious of this moment. Additionally, there are millions of people without food and shelter while others gaze to the sky and watch in fascination, and sometimes bewilderment, as the fireworks explode. The time is now to step back from this madness and become aware of our course of action.

It may be beneficial for mind and conscious development to ‘Be in this world, but remember we are not of this world’. This is a journey of self-discovery that is traveled and experienced by going inward to the source of consciousness.

Best wishes

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