Mankind Became Conscious

Mankind needed explanations for the things in this world that occurred daily.  It needed symbols to clarify why life can be so unjust and full of torment.  Sadly, I feel that during this transition, mankind separated itself step by step from the one spirit of life. When we refer to the spirit, it is, of course, possible and acceptable to use any given name. The one spirit may also be called God, Buddha, or any other deity.


These are only words. Human beings need words or symbols to give things meaning.  The word “energy” is a term I use often when I speak of the source of life. It somehow gives clarity to my understanding of things without clouding my mind with the conditioned thoughts I have been taught about deities.   Mankind slowly continues to develop and expand its domain over the earth.  Parallel to this expansion, it would appear that mankind as a whole has become more and more influenced by individual human beings.

Evolution in terms of society and technology has contributed greatly to our separation from the source. Somehow, mankind has grown deaf to the voice of the one truth. This separation is ongoing. Over the last few thousand years, humans have almost completely separated themselves from the oneness of life.  We have been taught, and through countless trials and conflicts of a personal and global nature, we believe, that there is something greater “out there” waiting for us. We have been assured that salvation is possible. We have also been taught that this salvation comes with a price tag.

Mankind developed into a conforming unit that believes the path to salvation or enlightenment will always be difficult and involve many sacrifices.

Mankind, Consciousness and Life

Where and when did this misconception begin?  We can generally say that almost everything related to our human understanding has been passed down from generation to generation. I feel that in the moment of our birth we are pure, unconditioned, and wiser than we will ever be during our entire natural human life span.  However, this is quite controversial. It is very likely that influences and conditioning start shortly after the point of conception, however minimal they may be.

I am not sure whether there is any real scientific or medical proof to verify this. I think we can generally conclude that a type of conditioning may take place as the child is still developing in the womb; but again, this may be minimal. This process may very well start at the point of conception. It continues as the “being” in the womb develops. Then, at some point, human consciousness develops; it reacts to the influences and conditioning with which we are confronted daily. This causes a transformation from the “pure being consciousness” to the “human conditioned consciousness”.

We somehow have become conditioned to a point where it is easier to ignore or forget what we really are. The human path demands that we accept that there is only this life as a human being. Nurturing this belief has placed mankind in a confusing and somewhat irritating dilemma. To accept this human path of influences and conditioning would be to admit that we begin to lose touch with the oneness of life at the moment of human conception.

The humanizing process grows ever more perplexing from day one, up until the time when the body returns to its original form(s), purely biologically speaking. This would be the “death” of the body. If it were possible for you or me to grasp the innocence that we had as a very small child, what would these feelings be? I am sure each person’s interpretation would vary somewhat, but here are a few ideas that may be generally acceptable.  We did not hate.  We did not judge or criticize. We did not differentiate between good and evil. What I feel was present, even before our human birth, is love.

This universal love and understanding is the spirit of life.

Best wishes

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