Mankind: Conscious? It Begins with You!

There came a time in mankind’s history when we simple misinterpreted the true essence of our existence. The powerful influences of human conditioning and the human ego uprooted our understanding of what we are in life. We are first the oneness of life, and second we are a form manifesting that one life source. We were and are growing as a species. We were also given the capability to spring forward at an alarming rate in relation to the processes of evolution. This is what caused the confusion in human beings.


We were always spirit (life). We will always be spirit (life). The form we take as spirit will continually be different, but life will always be life. The human form has evolved a consciousness capable of so much. We have always felt the spirit in our human form. This presence was felt even by the earliest forms of humans. We just did not know what to do with this presence. It seemed to be so real, but we could not touch it. Since mankind as always possessed enormous adaptation capabilities, we can “evolve” very rapidly. Mankind’s adaptability and intelligence have caused quantum jumps in our evolution. This is why we have forgotten our essence.

If we are essentially the one spirit, then why has it become so easy to forget this truth in the course of our human life? Has the evolution of mankind actually made us so blind to the simplicity of life? To say that we are part of the spirit is really implying that we are the spirit. The human form is simply a manifestation of the one true being. Then why is it that human intelligence cannot deal with this knowledge? The truth that we are the oneness of life is constantly complicated through our human form. We don’t seem capable of accepting that we are the spirit in a human form. We have been searching for the truth about the spirit for thousands of years. We have basically been searching for ourselves. We have been searching for our true form.

 Mankind and Consciousness

Each one of us is a human being with a higher level of consciousness. This higher level of consciousness is the element that has awakened our awareness. We have just not become aware enough to comprehend that we are only part of the spirit because of our human form. We are actually the oneness of life. All other living objects; there is life in practically everything at a given level, are also part of this oneness. We and every other living entity are only a form, that which as been manifested with life.

This means that we are the oneness (spirit). Coincidentally, we are also human beings at this moment on this planet.  Wouldn’t it be much simpler to accept the relationship between the two? This acceptance would allow a harmonic existence that would be very beneficial to the human race. If we could truly understand, it would open mental and spiritual doors that have remained closed for countless generations. It would help to open up new dimensions in our awareness of the one true consciousness. How would things change for us as humans if we were to first existence from the level of oneness?  Understanding and communicating from this field of awareness could unlock doorways that would be useful for our present human form. This could be quite enlightening. It would benefit each person, mankind and the entire universe.

Best wishes to everyone


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