Manuscript: Book Three Delivered Today

I wish to share with you that the manuscript for my third book was completed today. I will add, as well as write, a few more poems for the last chapter tomorrow. Otherwise the final (rough) draft is finished.


It will be sent to the editor this weekend for the first initial editing read-though. I have not made a final decision about the book’s title. This is an essential element of the book and helps the reader to identify with the book contents.

I wish to ask for you assistance in choosing the book title and realize that this is difficult for you without knowing anything about the book. I cannot ruin the surprise therefore it is not possible for me to tell you any details about the manuscript topics.

The book shares ideas and insights about love. This is the main topic and is equally divided into parts that discuss love, life, consciousness and how these relate to aspects of our existence.

There are short examples of experiences I have had that relate to awakening consciously. Additionally there are poems throughout the manuscript chapters some of which I have already shared and others that are newly written. I may still add a few personal experiences about love but am inclined to save these experiences for a book project that is in development.

Here are three titles I have considered using for the book.

– Love: Passion or Obsession
– Love: Experience the Simplicity! Have We Forgotten How to Truly Love?
– Love: Why Do We Feel so Alone?

It would be heart-warming for me to read your ideas about the titles. Do you have a favorite from the three? Or perhaps you have a title idea that you would like to share. I am grateful for your suggestions. Your name will appear in the acknowledgement page of the manuscript if it is used for the book.

I wish everyone a wonderful day


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