Book “One Moment in Life” Free eBook Offer

My first book “One Moment in Life: Rediscovering Inner Awareness” will be available as a FREE eBook / Kindle download on Amazon from November 6, 2017 until November 8, 2017.

There may be some individuals who are interested in the book but have not had the opportunity to purchase it. This giveaway is a wonderful opportunity for you to read the ideas and insights I shared after I felt a large shift in my awareness to conscious living. This was and is a stepping – stone process that I experience each day.


Now you can get it for free to read. As always, I would be very grateful if you would write a short comment about the book on Amazon com in the customer product review section or you can send it directly to me through Facebook, Twitter or my website. Your review can be one or two words or several sentences. This feedback is helpful to me as a writer and beneficial to other readers that are interested in the book.

Book Description:

Throughout most of human history we’ve been divided—stuck in structured behavior patterns and belief systems and confined to the stark cultural boundaries of a human made world. It’s a way of life that has led to feelings of confusion and loneliness, a constant sense of lacking as we search for something more.

But as intelligence and creativity continue to expand, a change in thinking is on the horizon, and an increase in awareness has begun to pave the way toward unity. While leaving the old perspectives of traditional religion and science behind, more individuals are learning to tune into a universal force, discovering new and exciting ways of looking at human existence.

One Moment in Life is an exploration of these groundbreaking insights about self-awareness, the concept of the universe, and human life as a whole. Awaken to humankind’s true potential with refreshing new content that challenges the outdated belief systems of yore, and offers alternative ways of thinking that will allow anyone to tap into a larger and more universal consciousness.

How do you wish to live this one moment in life—this blink of an eye during which we experience the first and last second of our existence? Will you resign yourself to anxiety and suffering, or tap into the simplicity and beauty of a higher consciousness?

For the majority of humans, life comes and goes without ever seeing the open door in front of them. But the tide is changing and minds are expanding—more than ever, individuals are feeling the need to leave their old ways behind and recognize the universal intelligence that has always been our birthright.


Thank you!

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