Mazes of the Mind

What are mind mazes? These have become more dominant in our existence then every before. I had a wonderful chat with Mona Tiganus from Facebook. We were considering the process of awakening to universal consciousness. We also spoke of the eventual possibilities available to us in each moment of awakened awareness to this field of consciousness. These possibilities are there every moment; within our mental and conscious reach.

However there is a deterrent in this conscious awakening process. This is the mind. It is a marvelous biological miracle. Nonetheless it can be manipulative and very counter-productive to our species consciousness developmental expansion. The mind has become the “master” in the daily experiences that have unfolded throughout our evolution. It is very likely that this behavior resulted through nature circumstances during our evolutionary stages. The nature stepping stone development of the mind in relationship with our form consciousness should not be considered unfortunate or unnecessary. To simplify this discussion we can say that It all was and is as it should be.

We now have the opportunity to consciously consider the ramifications of the minds control over our consciousness. We can decide if we wish to allow the mind to continue its dominating rule over our existence. There were several considerations that Mona shared during the conversation. She expressed her insight about the minds ability to create “mind mazes”. These mind mazes are initiated through the activities and thought process of the mind. The mind has a “habit” of pulling us onto the same behavioral path. We fall into a pattern of mind behavior routines. These consist of repetitive thoughts and reactions.

New information is continually provided through our experiences but is usually just added to the vast data that is already stored in the mind. The mind itself remains stubbornly occupied with creating diverse mind mazes from this stockpile of information. The mind pushes us into these mazes. This is definitely not something that the mind does intentionally. It is simply repeating and exercising a pattern that has been developed during our evolution.

Mona said something very profound at this point in the conversation. She suggested that each day in our existence remains more or less the same because the mind pushes us onto the same path. She continued by saying that it is this repetitive pattern that has resulted in humankind being afraid to step outside of this existence “norm” that has been established. Her words were “We are afraid to lift our gaze from the ground into the sky”. This is very beautifully written. I wish to thank Mona for this wonderful insight.

It is the patterns of mind conditioning that implements the mind mazes that are dominate in most of our activities. This conditioning causes barriers of illusion to manipulate the subtle universal consciousness vibration that resonates around us. This existence delusion often causes confusion, fear and general unhappiness. Real inner peace is always there but too often clouded over by the mind mazes that are experienced in daily situations.

Mazes of the Mind cease through Awareness of Being

Change is possible. It can be reached through refocusing genuine awareness on everything other than thoughts of the mind (mind mazes). A very big restriction in acceptance and change is the ego. We also have so many conditioned existence beliefs and assumptions. The majority of people are very frightened and confused. The people that are awakening, accepting and changing may first experience great difficulty. This results because most human beings are very intolerant and even brutal with anyone that does not feel or believe as they do.

Awakened people also have the human conditioned factors to deal with. I remember something that Deepak Chopra once wrote in a book he published. I am paraphrasing: “Being in the world, but not of it”. Something similar to this was also writing in the Bible; I think it was the Book (Gospel) of John. What does this perhaps indicate? Although we are human, it does not mean that we need to typically behave like a human. The true self is not actually “human”.

The human form is really only a “life-form” object. The true self is the essence of the universe; nothing and everything all in one. We (In actuality singular: the one) are the actually developers of the universe. The two videos from Alan Watts have insightful ideas concerning awakening. I wish to dedicate this post to Mona. Thank you for your wisdom and insight.

Best wishes to all


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