Me or I? That is the Question

Me and I almost sounds like the title of a pop song. These are two words that could be substituted with the word “observer”. These two words symbolize one and the same observer. This observer is often existing in a state of unawareness. This results in the “one” seeing everything from “two” perspectives. I wish to express this to you in a poem.

Me or I

Who am I really?

The me or the I?

I experience life.

There is a truth that I know.

I feel the truth.

I feel freedom and fulfillment.

I feel life.

I, actually feel it all.

Then comes the me.

The me is quite candid.

What about me?

It asks with a smile…

then continuing quite hurriedly it replies…

It is me that knows everything.

It is me that sees and smells the fruit.

It is, after all, me that decided what is left and what is right.

It is me that says what is good and what is not.

Without me, the I could not possible be.

To be sure, the me seems quite strong…

always talking and thinking.

Without a doubt, the me is always busy…

moving fore and about.

The me decides very quickly, never pausing.

What is this all about?

Then came the day when I saw the real me.

I knew then that the me knows what I know…

we are indeed one and the same.

The difference perhaps is that I see and the me is does not.

The me is fearful, although I don’t know why.

The me knows that I know.

What I know is that the me is so weak.

The me is only a mask.

The me has been conquered by the ego, which is so clever.

Again and again I had trouble unmasking the two.

Their story is convincing, what can I do?

There are moments I feel so free.

Then the me and the ego seem so far away.

Unfortunately, these moments were always too few.

Then came the day I completely removed this mask of illusion.

Then it was clear to see that the me was really I…

To be sure, the me could then see itself as I.

The ego so furious but eventually defeated.

Now the me and I are one.

Life and I are one.

Best wishes to everyone


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