Body and Mind: You Are Much More

I hope that you are well and safe. I wish to express my gratitude for your messages, emails, insights, questions and the kindness that you share. It is possible to feel the shift that is occurring worldwide as people are becoming consciously aware of life energy. People are looking beyond mind and body to experience life consciously.


This is allowing more and more individuals to sense the unmanifested space that is beyond mind and body. Furthermore people are realizing and accepting their essence as a divine entity of oneness. I am with each of you, each moment as you are with me. It does not matter if we consider object consciousness or universal consciousness because consciousness is awareness. It is only the mind that interprets, defines and wants to separate the oneness that is our true nature.

I have had many conversations with individuals that are awakening each day to the significance of our influence on universal energy consciousness. It is as easy as choosing the spiritual stepping stones of life wisely that will either nurture of contaminate life energy and thus our existence. This path involves going beyond the conditioned patterns of the mind and changing our reactions to conscious responses.

Beyond Mind and Body

We are communicating with each other and with all objects through energy life consciousness. May I suggest allowing this to be the foundation for each moment that unfolds? Be conscious of the unity with others and all things in the universe. It is your birthright. Your awareness to life and the conscious decision to focus on the now will offer you a portal to ascend beyond mind and body.

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.
– Eckhart Tolle

This will change how you see yourself, the world around you and even the universe. You will still have human experiences but each situation will become colorful and clear because you will be able to observe everything without thoughts overshadowing what happens.

We are sharing the gift of life and universal consciousness. It can not be truly described or defined by the mind nor should we seriously attempt to understand it. Existing and sharing presence is enough.

It is always heart-warming for me to receive messages and emails from you. I am honored to receive friendship invitations here and in Facebook that are allowing us to share, learn and expand consciously together. I am with you consciously; we are one. Please do not underestimate your ability as a person that can consciously experience his or her true nature as a divine spirit. Stillness is a portal to unite together in spirit beyond mind and body. This is where enlightenment can be felt. It is our home.

Best wishes

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