Mind Astray: Awaken to Now

More awareness to the oneness of life allows our consciousness to thrive. This is the same as saying that we become increasingly aware of awareness and thus the totality of consciousness. Universal life consciousness can then work hand in hand with our object consciousness and the mind.


The mind, with all our characteristics can and will relearn and gradually trust this field of universal intelligence. The mind is conditioned to misinterpret or even worse, try to manipulate the state of living consciously. The evolved human species has never really overcome the shock it received upon the first awakening to self-awareness. This is perhaps why we fell back into a state of deep sleep (consciously speaking) rather quickly after our self-consciousness reached a given level.

We might say that it peaked. It may have been too much for our intelligence at that stage of development. This may also be why we feel a change is occurring. Deep within we desire this change, but in the same instant we fear it.

A mind Astray

The mind attempts to interpret but alas always in vain.
It is, after all, the soul that knows.
What is this life?
It is beyond and also within.
But alas the mind is astray.

The radiance of life is always felt.
The soul swims in its beauty.
The true self always baths in its caress.
The intensity is often so strong.
It is as if the heart will explode.

Then there is a moment of divine awareness.
This is when peace and serenity abound.

A cloud may appear; even in a moment that is so clear.
But the sunshine; this energy, will shine through and through.
Be active, be aware and feel what is always there.

“It is spiritually beneficial to understand that if we can first accept what is happening at any moment we will experience more harmony within ourselves as a human being.”

Best wishes


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