Mirror, Mirror I am all that is to be Seen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am everything I see. Have you every caught yourself in a moment of thought about someone? Have you every considered that the person that you confront is really a confrontation with yourself? A mirror image is an example of seeing yourself. But have you ever really looked at the image in the mirror. We can only do this when we release most or all restrictions of the mind.


There is knowledge of unification that resides deep in the recesses of life energy consciousness. This suggests that energy always has a given intelligence. Whether this intelligence is genetic or object imposed is debatable; but irrelevant for our discussion. Where and how this energy started is unknown. How and why it is there is unimportant. It is there, that is why you and I are here. That is the common denominator that unites everything.

This is “that” certain something that is always there when you look into a mirror. Even the mirror itself manifests and releases life energy consciousness. This is naturally true for every object you will encounter. This is what is sensed when we deeply and consciously observe anything. There may be a three step process involved in the act of observing something.

First there is the awareness of something (as it is) when we encounter it. This happens in moment of least expectancy. It is there, we observe it and we accept it for what it is. This generally occurs within the first few seconds of any object observation. Significant here is the lack of any human interaction tendencies such as mental and emotional conditioning.

Step two involves the interactions of human factors. These are mind / thought activation initiated through any given observation or encounter. This observation may not occur due to an object (person, thing or situation). The mind / thought / emotion activation happens often due to unobserved conditioned existence factors. In other words; we are confronting our own human nature in an unaware state of presence that induces even more conditioned behavior. This usually continues in an escalating manner.

Third step during the observation of any moment (mentally or physically) is usually never experienced by most people. This is due to the unfolding of the previous phase of observation. The second phase restricts, manipulates and blocks true conscious awareness. The third step would be the awakening of awareness to the moment as it is. This is basically returning to the first step but with one significant difference. The third phase initiates an acceptance of the moment. A person is consciously (observing) the universal consciousness that is there to be experienced. Conscious awareness can occur only when a person has witnessed the second phase in its true nature. A stepped back from it will nurture more space consciousness and increase the flow of universal energy. The manifestation (flow) of universal energy is constant but interpreted as (increasing) when observed strictly from our human perspective.


Experiment with this idea the next time you are standing in front of a mirror. Observe the reflection in the mirror. Then go beyond the superficial reflection and observe your true self. This can also be done in any encounter with an object, thought or emotion.


Best wishes

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