Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

The mirror from Snow White is well-known to most people. The evil queen was determined to achieve recognition as the “fairest of them all”. The queen’s behavior would suggest that she had simple gone mad due to inferiority complexes and random fits of jealousy. But what did the evil queen see when she looked into the mirror? Was her human form a symbol of hate and jealousy? Or was there much more to be found in the depths of her mirror, other than the superficiality of the human image reflecting back from it?


Let’s forget the story of Snow White. What would happen if you were to stand in front of a mirror? What would you see? This question should not be answered with a simple statement such as “I see myself in the mirror”. I am asking you to go beyond just seeing the image of a person in the image reflection. What do you see?

Consciousness is seeing its “self” through the eyes of the human form through which it is manifesting. The human head turns slightly to the right and then to the left. You look into the mirror. You are certain that what you see is a reflection of the human form. You, I and everyone think that what is to be seen in the mirror is real…tangible. Human beings have been unknowingly conditioned to believe that the image that you see is all that you are in this existence. It would seem that we assume much.

What if our understanding of the above statements is backwards? What do we experience on such occasions when the portal to the universal self is passable? The portal is open. This is the one precious moment experienced in a unified state of enlightenment. This moment of awakened existence alters our perception of the image in the mirror. We are still seeing the image from the level of a human being. However we also witness the true self. The form in the mirror is the true self experiencing it’s self. Experiment by standing in front of a mirror. Then observe the form you see in the mirror. Continue to view yourself from a state of “no needs and no wants”. Your gaze then focuses on the eyes in the mirror. Whose eyes are you looking at? More so, who is actually looking at the eyes? You slowly experience an alternative perception originating from a portal that has been opened through the eyes. A person will no longer see an image or the eyes of an image. This altered state of being allows us experience what we really are in this experience. What are we? There is no hidden magic or drama to be found in this answer. We are the experience that is experiencing the self beyond the image(s).

The article today is rather abstract. We are sharing ideas and insights; even abstract notions, in the hope of expanding the human consciousness. There is no right or wrong. We are attempting to rekindle the spark of pure “being” that engulfs all forms. I would very much enjoy ideas and insights from you. We are awakening, we are growing and this realization is changing our existence, life and the universe.

The two included video clips are from Sadhguru. He gives insight into areas of consciousness in our daily experiences. His wisdom is profound.

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