Misinterpretations: Existence or Life

The integration of assumptions, definitions and beliefs into our existence start from the point of human form conception and last until death of the body. The transition of birth to death is also based purely on human-made assumptions, beliefs and misinterpretations. Life is never terminated or ceases to “be”. We exist in a state of fluctuating interpretations, reinterpretations and misinterpretations. We are convinced that these processes are needed and have forgotten that none of it is necessary to experience life.


It is only the object form that blossoms, fades and then degenerates to baseline essence or molecules. The act of human species object conception is the mechanism that allowed the manifestation of life and love. Both manifest through a life-form. It does this with all objects. Life and love radiate through all objects in the purest and simplest manner of unification. It is the given life-forms use or misuse of consciousness that determines the level of life and love awareness or lack of awareness. In addition to consciousness there are also other species evolutionary attributes to consider.

Brain capacity; which indicates development of intelligence and creativity, is also responsible for this contamination of life and love. These factors are not actually to blame for our species manipulation of love and life. Love and definitely life can not be manipulated or restricted. Rather it is our interpretation of these and other aspects of our existence that cause the contamination. The misinterpretations of life have been established through simple lack of awareness. Therefore it is our lack of awareness  to life consciousness that restricts the acceptance of genuine love and life.

This state of being is a dilemma based on behavior conditioning that occurs continuously. Apparently the level of object consciousness determines the development of any given life-form; consciously speaking. This became very apparent after the initial awakening of self-consciousness. We faltered and stumbled over our own newly acquired self-consciousness. Hence it is not incorrect to say that our species consciousness peaked somewhere down the road of evolution. I do not wish to say that our consciousness stopped expanding entirely. Here the focus is on overall awareness to life from the point of human consciousness. This state of consciousness has not significantly increased for untold millenniums.

We assume that our consciousness is expanding rapidly with each new generation. This is a trick of the mind; misinterpretations that the self in us has been conditioned to accept as real. It has nothing to do with actual conscious expansion and reunification with universal consciousness. The ego, accompanied with emotional and behavioral conditioning has developed an arsenal of manipulations, illusions together with a unique cleverness. We “think” that we are becoming more conscious, therefore we assume that we are more conscious. This mode of misinterpretations enhances the demand for more life energy to be used in our trivial human activity details.

This is done constantly by human beings, but at a great cost considering the conscious possibilities that are available without such species existence restrictions. We have sacrificed true awareness of life for a state of consciousness limbo. Therefore we are unknowingly substituting awareness to life for mind generated existence details and interpretations of life. Life is the catalyst for all forms in the universe. Unawareness of this has restricted our species true conscious potential considerably. This unawareness to life pattern has crippled our personal and social development. It has hampered the full capacity of our intelligence. There would be a long list of disadvantages associated with our human existence life assumptions and misinterpretations; if we were to make such a list.

Misinterpretations of life

What are the reasons for this unawareness to universal consciousness? There are possibly several but it really comes down to lack of simplistic conscious living. Another, perhaps simpler way to express this would be; “We have forgotten what it means to experience this one everlasting moment in our existence.” Perhaps this all started at the turning point of our species self-consciousness development. A heightened state of self-consciousness initiated mind patterns that interpreted and defined. This was suddenly done from the standpoint of the person and not life. We started to question and judge our existence. We have always interpreted the human form existence as a straight black and white version of life.

Object existence has nothing to do with life in its true essence. Therefore ninety-nine percent of all human conceptual patterns of conditioning have nothing to do with the factual presence of “life”. The moment when we acquired a level of consciousness that interpreted and questioned life was the moment we started to build an illusion about it and our existence.

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