Missing You: Always Loving You

Missing You

Missing you; how can it be?
You are so sweet and free.
I miss the person that you might be.
When I was young I missed you most.
Missing you then; missing you now.
It seems that it will never be.

I have missed you a thousand nights.
The days, equally, have been never-ending.
How is this possible?
Missing you can be such sorrow.

You are the person I do not know.
However, you still come to me.
Missing you and not knowing why.
These are the days when the spirit flies.
But alas; then I hang my head to cry.
I look but you cannot be found.

Somehow knowing it can never be.
I will be missing you throughout eternity.
Therefore, I look to the blue sky.
I feel you here, there and yonder.
The sun will always shine in my heart.

I am slightly older now; this is what I am told.
Missing you and no reasons are needed.
Henceforth, the love grows to whom I do not know.
The burning fire is still brightly glowing.
Although, what is possible?
Will I ever know?

Dusk signifies the end of a day.
I light a candle for you; whoever you may be.
I feel a presence just now.
Missing you and the experiences we never had.
Nevertheless, strangely you are always with me.
The one that I have never seen; how can this be.

I am older now; yes it would seem.
The glow of love is still kindled by life.
Missing you; whom I have not met.
You have not been here, but somehow much more.
Throughout the years; I was never truly alone.

The moment may come and I to will pass.

However, this will always remain.
Nevertheless, there is more than can be seen.
This is to those who have always known.
Are you willing to change?

The one that you are is the one that you will be.
This is the one that is sometimes forgotten.
I reach out through my heart.
This is when I caress the one I love.
Are you the one that I have always been?

Love everything as you love yourself; for this is your true essence.

“You are capable of so much beauty and this extends out into the universe.”


P.S. I was inspired to write this poem after a moment of acknowledgment about the love to a person that I have never met but feel in my heart. However, I have oriented the poem on the love that is shared through the oneness of life.

Best wishes



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