Missing You: What Will Never Be

Have you ever had the feeling that you miss someone that you have never met? This first sounds plausible because each person has different wishes and desires. Therefore, it is very possible that you could miss a person that perhaps does not even exist. This “missing someone / something” syndrome is generated by the mind. This results from expectations and attachments. These are not conducive to conscious awareness.


Everyone has experienced this in some manner and at different levels of intensity. However, what are we actually missing? You may, obviously, say that what you are missing is someone or something. This does not truly explain what it is that you have misplaced. This can sound confusing to the mind but it is similar to what we experience in any given moment.

We generally are overcome by the content of now and this has nothing to do with actually experience of presence. Here again, this may first sound very confusing. However, let’s consciously step back from these conflicting thoughts and emotions. The following questions may help to clarify this insight. Are you still manipulated or restricted by the mind-clutter within the now? Or are you aware of not only the minds` activities but also the entire spectrum of presence beyond these thoughts?

Why Are You Missing What Is Already There?

There is a difference. The first causes limitations and the second allows expansion. Therefore, let’s consider this question again. What are we actually missing? I feel confident that 99.9 percent of what you think your missing is nothing more than a mind imprint frequency. It is imposed unto the bountiful dimension that consists of the totality within the now.

This phenomenon has consequence that spiral outward and influences more than we can perhaps imagine. We are literally missing something in our experiences but it is not what we think. It is the constant lack of awareness to the totality of this moment that blinds us to the countless possibilities within it. The minds preoccupation with missing a person or thing causes us to overlook what is here and now.

Moreover, whatever it is that the mind tells us is absent is often there in our field of presence. This could be anything that we desire (also conscious unity) but it comes and goes because we are distracted by the impulse to find what we have already.

Best wishes

P.S. I will be sharing a poem soon entitled “Missing You”. I was inspired to write it after a moment of deep reflection. It is about the desire to love and be with someone.


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