Monism: A River of One

The word monism derives from the German word monismus. It is defined by Wikipedia as:
Monism is the view that attributes oneness or singleness (Greek: μόνος) to a concept (e.g., existence). Various kinds of monism can be distinguished: Priority monism states that all existing things go back to a source that is distinct from them (e.g., in Neoplatonism everything is derived from The One).

The word monism fascinates me and I am not sure that I can express in words why. It is something that I feel is both a mystery and also known by each person. This naturally does not have anything to do with the word itself.

Rather it is what we feel beyond the word we read and exceeds the boundary of the mind when we try to focus on it. This is a phenomenon that you have also surely experienced but often, just like me, are unaware of its true origin. Monism is a definition we use to describe the oneness present in all objects.

Monism is Always Oneness

Please, if possible, glance slowly and deliberately at any given object in your immediate surroundings. What do you see? It may be a chair, table or a picture on the wall. You are essentially a part of what you are observing. Furthermore each and every object is one because the marvelous mystery of oneness allows it to manifest in all shapes and sizes. This causes the mind to become confused and it will readily change monism into dualism. It does this in an attempt to interpret, define and categorize.

There is a thing inherent and natural, which existed before heaven and earth. Motionless and fathomless, It stands alone and never changes; It pervades everywhere and never becomes exhausted. It may be regarded as the Mother of the Universe. I do not know its name. If I am forced to give it a name, I call it Tao, and I name it as supreme.
– Laozi

The mind is naturally a part of this mysterious oneness. Nonetheless it is often very difficult for a person to disregard the thoughts and feelings that invoke separation. The divine presence of oneness that manifests through all objects is there within each heartbeat and within each breath. It is a vibrating and magnifying river of energy.

Therefore it may be beneficial for us to realize that the spirit of oneness is manifesting through us. It is our energy, whether mind or consciousness, that can and will determine the flow of this energy. Now reach out consciously beyond your immediate surroundings and observe a tree, the sky, the sun and moon. Thereby realize deeply that you are all this and so much more.

Best wishes to everyone



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