Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

There are monsters lurking everywhere. These monsters may not be in the places that you would expect. They are not in the shadows. These monsters are not hiding in the basement or behind a door. The real monsters in our existence are directly in front of you. They are sometimes disguised as a man, woman or child. These terrifying monsters surround you. They are always ready to attack at any moment.


You usually don’t see them; this is because you are also a monster. The monsters we are talking about are in you, other people and other objects. They will appear in a moment of unconscious behavior. How can you identify any given monster? Their characteristics are well known to everyone but often tolerated, even accepted as “normal”. There is ego, emotions, conditioning and anger to name a few. These are more deadly then the monsters from our nightmares or fantasies. They will pounce on you and devour you if you allow it to happen.

Almost everyone fears these creatures of the mind. Many people sense them but do not know where they are or why they are hiding; most people are conditioned to be unaware. The fear of such monsters is deeply anchored in our mind; personal and collective. The mind is the origin of these creatures. These creatures will remain terrifying to a person that has not become consciously aware of any given monster when it appears.

Monsters Are Phantoms of the Mind

This is true whether the monster appears in the form of another person, a thing or from within you. (Actually everything originates from the mind.) This statement holds pliability because of the energy that is released from the mind. This energy flow is constant. It is a subsidiary flow that origins from the manifestation of universal energy. This mind energy flow is produced and can be influenced by these monsters and our lack of awareness to their true nature.

Unawareness gives these so-called monster free access into our existence. They become tangible in countless objects and forms. What we usually don’t realize is that each person is the creator of these creatures of the mind. These phenomena can occur in two variations. There are the mind creatures that are released by other individuals. There are also monsters that are conjured within our own mind. It is possible to reveal the illusion behind these creatures when we become more aware of our own mind / thought / emotional interaction.

Every confrontation with any given person, self or situation can activate one or more of these terrible creatures. Every monster can immediately be eliminated when we have understood it’s origin. These monsters come from the individual and collective mind that remains unconscious to the totality of life.

Best wishes to everyone


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