Mortality: Will you Live Forever?

This one eternal moment appears to structure a framework of hours, days, months and years. This is, however, an illusion. We can only experience joy now and it is something that can not truly be given or taken, either it is or it isn’t. You decide. Mortality invokes fear because we seek immortality through the concept of time, matter and space.


The mind conjures up many scenarios whereby each depicting a story of fantasy, drama and mystery relating to mortality. What if it were possible to go beyond the minds visions of mortality and observe the moment as a gateway to forever.

There are ailments that affect the body and it is also susceptible to injury or death. Furthermore this is the unfolding of a nature occurrence. This is what it means to be an object of life and it is your denial or acceptance that can and will alter the outcome. The key to immortality lies within the realization of this eternal moment.

The vastness of conscious enlightenment is best observed through gratification with the now. Harmony between an object, other objects and life is there within the space of acceptance.

Human Mortality within Life Immortality

The moment is never truly what it seems when restricted by the confines of existence details. The implications of our human nature dictate mortality. We are here today and gone tomorrow. We remain unaware of the immortality within each moment. There is much more there within this moment than is ever acknowledged through experiences that are restricted to life-form mortality.

Therefore our practice is to observe the mortality and the immortality of each blink of an eye. The portal is there and your interaction with life consciousness decides whether it will remain closed or open to the possibilities beyond.

I am a person that stands on the portal threshold to conscious living, whereby I shed a tear in remembrance of my human nature and a tear of bliss as I am reminded of being the vastness of eternity. I share a tear with you now, upon listening to the song below from Queen.

Best wishes



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