Moth: The Flame is so Inviting!

This discussion pertains to an area of human behavior that is comparable to a moth. The moth is known for flying repeatedly toward a light or campfire in a kamikaze manner. Why do they do this? Scientists theorize that this is due to a behavior called transverse orientation.  This is common in some insects and involves flying at a constant angle relative to a distant light source. Thus the moth experiences problems around lights and campfires.

Now let’s look at this from a human standpoint in regards to the search for spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is known as the “full comprehension of a situation” according to Wikipedia. We have a built-in navigation system that constantly points to true north. We can call this our “transverse orientation”, such as with a moth.

However in the example of human beings we would call true north the one true conscious source that is everywhere and is centralized through object in which it manifests. The constant angle or path relative to a given source would then suggest an inward direction instead of outward.  The reason for this is to first become aware of your state of being in response to the conscious energy field that is not only found in you, but around you and everywhere.

The Moth and it’s Flight

Human beings have become mentally and thus consciously disoriented because we are conditioned to focus on vibrating frequencies cast off by the ideas and illusions introduced to us through whatever circumstances; mental or physical. The best examples would be focusing on thoughts and emotions even when another part of our being (true self) whispers the truth. We also do this in our pursuit of obtaining enlightenment through a belief or a God. The emulating light frequencies of such things appear, even feel very real, but they are feeble imitations of the one source of consciousness or enlightenment.

And so, similar to the moth, we divert our bodily and mental energy to chase illusions of the mind because our orientation as been diverted to substitutes of the truth. We ignore the universal intelligence that whispers to us in each moment. It is difficult to say whether humankind will continue to focus, on a state of existence confusion, or reorient ourselves on the one true frequency of consciousness. It is up to you.

Best wishes

P.S. The Psychology Today link is not directly related to this articles topic. However it offers ideas about the behavior of people and relationships.




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