Mountaintop: This Is Your Home

It would be very beneficial, consciously speaking, to acknowledge that you are living on a mountaintop. Let’s consider this before the mind contaminates the scenery with too many thoughts. You are standing with your face to the sun. Furthermore it is always shining here high above clouds. There is a light breeze to be felt and it is caressing your face.

Meanwhile, there are occasionally birds that visit you. They sing you their song of living and of life. Here on this mountaintop you are alone. However you are never truly alone. You are emerged in pure presence. Thus you sense the energy pulsations of the earth, the universe and life. It is not possible for a universal divinity to be alone.

Here there is bliss where time and matter have no ultimate significance. These are only details of a temporary existence. There before you is a path to the valley below. You travel, on occasion, but there is nothing below that can compare to what you experience here on this mountaintop.

The Mountaintop Is the Doorway to the True Self

Therefore you remain here where there is space to live, to breathe and to just be. The details of a mortal being are trivial to the peace and enlightenment you feel within. The foundation of being is rooted in the realization that this is where you naturally reside. This mountaintop is the summit of your conscious awakening. Here it is possible to feel the essence of life itself. This is the true you. It is the one that is beyond the dos and the don’ts and the yes and the no.

It may, at first, seem difficult to acknowledge this mountaintop where you live. However I can assure you that this is your true home and it is here where you exist. The mind can be distracting and results in a restriction of your true nature. The valley below appears to offer many possibilities.

However, this is an illusion of the mind and seems real when you are on aware of its activities. However accepting your home at the summit of this existence allows perspective. The chatter and clatter of the mind echo’s through the valley. Nevertheless thoughts and emotions fade away as you view the spaciousness of your true home.

Best wishes



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