Mystery of Life: Flowing Energy

The mystery of life has held us in awe since the awakening of self-consciousness. The year was one million B.C. a silhouette appeared on a hilltop overlooking a valley. It was a primitive human being that stood there looking to the stars. A second member of the tribe appear; then a third and a fourth. The first member; that had climbed the valley hillside, pointed to the shiny points of light in the sky. He did this repeatedly for several minutes. This is how it began. This is when we started to ask “why”? We became conscious.

Welcome to the mystery of life. We have labeled this unexplainable “something” many things since that tribe stood on a hill gazing to the sky. Life has been explained as a gift from the Gods, and then eventually this assumption changed to one God being the giver of life. We use words and symbols to define what this God can do. More significantly, we assume to know what this God wishes and plans to do. Why do we assume and interpret what this mystery of life represents? We do this for the same reason as the tribe that looked to the stars and asked “why”. We are conscious.

We have developed in areas of creative thinking, intelligence and imagination since that tribe stood on a hill looking to the sky. Still, has anything really changed within us? What has happened to our conscious development? We have always used animals, statues and Gods in an attempt to explain who provides us with this unknown mystery called life. We also do this through words and symbols. But what have these things really done for us personally and collectively? More importantly, what have these things done for our species conscious life awareness?

Everyone proclaims to know that the answers can be found through the words and symbols that we use. We are even prepared to fight and die for these worldly explanations of the mystery of life. We argue and debate on how it is possible that we are here, Surly something greater than us must have placed us here. This is the collective thought among people. Do these words and symbols really help us to understand “why”? No, but they generally invoke the need in us to defend a given word or symbol. This can often be witnessed in religions. Here it is important to remember that we have not really consciously advanced since that tribe stood on the hill one million years ago.

Mystery of Life; No Words, No Meanings

That is why I picked a random time frame such as one million years ago. Consciousness has surely developed in organisms over the last few hundred million years. However what has happened to human consciousness over the last million years? Are we any closer to understanding the mystery of life then those ancient tribe members that stood on a hill? I am not suggesting that what has happened since then is good or bad. However we should practicing being in the here and now. This discussion is not about proving anything or insisting on a right or wrong. These things are arbitrary. I know I have been writing this next sentence often over the last few weeks. But we should consider going beyond the mind in an attempt to “experience” life; not define it. Attempts to define it are games of the mind.

The use of words to explain what we don’t understand is typical for human beings. This will probably remain unchanged for some time to come. That is fine. Significant for us is to acknowledge that we can change how we consciously observe any word, symbol or definition. We can become more aware of what the mind is really doing. It may be very beneficial for our species to become universally humble and in the same instant recognize that we are universally divine. Life energy consciousness manifests through everything. Our acceptance of oneness may reflect back onto the totality of life. This might result in the mystery of life no longer being so mysterious. Universal consciousness will then truly recognize itself through us.


Best wishes

P.S. I do not wish to offer information that is not accurate. It is theorized that consciousness in known organisms originated and evolved starting around 500 million years ago.





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