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Hello my name is Sujan Sitaula. I have been a Trekking and Tour Guide for fifteen years in Nepal. I have also been the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Operator for the last eight years. I provide mountain hiking and local area tour guidance for the company: Beside the Himalayan Treks & Expedition.

The most popular Trekking and Touring season officially starts in September. There are many vacation packages to accommodate your vacation wishes. You will discover a mountainous wonderland filled with beautiful landscape in and around Nepal. The area is the birthplace of Buddha and Buddhism. This area is interesting for all individuals that are curious about the culture of Nepal and the spiritual awakening to a higher level of aware consciousness, perhaps through the teachings and practices of Buddhism.

The yearly Tangbuche Monastery Festival will be celebrated from November 14th until the 16th of 2016. This is in honor of Buddha and Buddhism. It will be possible to see the Buddhist monks learning and teaching Buddhism as they have done for centuries. There will be meditation periods during the three day festival. The festival gives people an excellent opportunity to experience the daily activities of the Buddhist monks. It also provides an inside look at the culture and mannerisms of Nepal and surrounding areas.

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Here is some general information concerning vacation plans in the beautiful Himalaya Mountains and Nepal. I have also included information about our companies dedication and obligation to you, the people & culture of Nepal and the Himalaya Mountains.


Nepal has four distinct seasons. Spring (March – May) is warm and dusty with rain showers. Summer (June – August) is the monsoon season when the hills turn lush and green. Autumn (September – November) is cool with clear skies, and is the most popular trekking season. In winter (December – February) is cold at night and can be foggy in the early morning, but afternoons are usually clear and pleasant, though there is occasional snow in the mountains. Because Nepal is quite far south, (at the same latitude as Miami and Cairo) the weather is warmer and winter is much milder at lower elevations, including Kathmandu at 1360 meters. It rarely snows below 2000 meters.

When to Trek?

During autumn the nights are cold in the mountains, but the bright sun makes for pleasant day temperatures – in the high 20s° C, falling to 5° C at night, between 1000 meters and 3500 meters. At higher altitudes temperatures range from about 20° C down to – 10° C. Mornings are usually clear with clouds building up during the afternoon, disappearing at night to reveal spectacular starry skies. During winter, it is about 10 degrees colder.

Beside the Himalayan Treks & Expedition Company Information:

Beside the Himalayan Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is an ecological trekking organization designed to improve, protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan Mountains. We are members of KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Program), YES (Youth Effort for Society), YCD (Youth Campaign for Development), which are environmental organizations that promote responsible tourism in Nepal.

Ecological/Environmental Impact:

We conduct all our trips with a vigilant eye to avoid any disturbance to the local ecology or way of life. We are committed to an active participation in the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project and other national and local Environmental Initiatives. We continuously strive to make sure traveling with us and elsewhere have minimum impact on the local environment.

Social/Cultural Impact:

Beside The Himalayan believes that it is possible to operate commercially in the Eco-Tourism Sector of the industry and also preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustainable tourism. In our work, we actively promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity presents. We run a non-government organization that is committed to providing the much needed health and education facilities to remote areas of Nepal.

Economic Impact:

We emphasize on making extensive use of the available local products and enhance maximum economic benefits to the local communities. In addition, we support rural development projects by contributing 10% of our profit generated each trading year, thereby, have directly uplifted the living standard of the local residents and contributed to the national economy of Nepal and its neighbors.

Innovative Practices:

Since our establishment, our company has been striving to help develop remote areas of Nepal. We strive to maintain the trend by making continuous effort in discovering interesting new destinations within the country. Furthermore, we have initiated cleaning campaigns in the nearby villages that involve a lot of local participation. The idea is to raise hygiene and environmental awareness in the villagers. Such campaigns also educate the villagers keep their villages and the surroundings neat and clean.

Here is the contact information regrading your vacation package wishes and plans with Beside the Himalayan Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. I would be honored to assist you in any way possible in planning a vacation filled with culture and beautiful landscape. I look forward to hearing from you:

Beside The Himalayan Treks & Expedition

Address: Post Box: 2886, Thamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977 1 4355802


Key Contact: Sujan(Managing Director) Cell No: +977 9841586923 Email:

Nepal: Beside The Himalayan Treks &Expedition

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* The included video from YouTube does not necessarily represent Trekking or Touring provided by Beside The Himalayan Treks & Expedition. It is meant strictly as an introduction to the Nepal area, the people and the culture.

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