Never Change a Running System

You may be familiar with the proverb “Never change a running system”. Similar proverbs are “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or “leave well enough alone”. Evolution and the development of humankind has been a roller-coaster ride. How it began and if and when it will end should not obscure this moment. The universe has been doing its thing for a long time. It would seem that it has been doing this in accordance with a process of random occurrences. This may be true up to the point when the universe / life were introduced to consciousness.

The point of awakened self awareness has signified new possibilities in both form consciousness and universal consciousness. There is a feeling that overcomes me often. This feeling suggests that the universe developed and eventually was conducive for the awakening or beginning of consciousness. This would be to say that all the elements needed to initiate and sustain consciousness where offered by the universe. But there was a longer period during which the universe only contained a dimension of possible outcomes; but not actually consciousness.

Change is Happening Now

This void has eventually been enhanced by vibration frequencies such as life form consciousness. Consciousness energy has been absorbed by this universal dimension; thus the beginning of a universal consciousness frequency. This field of energy is nurtured by life form consciousness; despite the consequences that may result from a given form’s state of consciousness. We now have a mental and conscious level that permits an active participation with this established field of consciousness.

rule, change

It is possible that I am momentarily writing too abstractly. I simply wish to suggest that “now” is a wonderful time to be experiencing universal consciousness. A change has been initiated through the awakening of consciousness. Humankind has obtained the mental (mind) and spiritual (consciousness) capacity to interact directly with the dimension of universal consciousness. This “oneness” dimension is our essence. We should perhaps ask if the “running system should be changed” Change; among others, at the level of mind will enhance an equal change in the frequency of consciousness; both form and universal.

This is just one possible idea concerning the dimension of consciousness. Lao Tzu, Eckhart Tolle, Roxanne Sartori and others have had the wisest insight concerning consciousness. These individuals; each in his or her own way, have stated the obvious. It is about “being” the awareness; thereby we will then understand that we are “that” which we are aware of in given moment.

Best wishes

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