New Experiences

New experiences are a part of our daily life existence. It is quite interesting to step outside the experience when it happens. How is this possible? You have probably heard this before. It requires living in the moment. There is so much to be felt within this dimension. Usually it appears to be a race between you and time. Situations are so demanding. It will all mean nothing significant when you step outside these restricting walls that we call human life. It sounds crazy at first. It is mind-boggling when you suddenly realize that what you have been told and shown throughout your life experiences is not a true reality. You may then truly wish to shout “Oh What a Feeling”.

Not many people are as yet able to accept this as fact. Still others have reached a stage of conscious awareness that permits space. Within this space it is possible to feel life. Something truly spectacular can be felt when you understand that you are solely responsible for what will happen to you and how you feel in these human existence experiences. We have always felt this but been taught to fear it. We want it, we search for it and at the same time do everything possible not to accept it. It is and has always been there. I will write more about this in the next few days.

Best wishes

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