Contest for Short Story Writers

I received a great tip from someone today per email. This person forwarded me information about a New Short Story Contest that is being held by Mary Jaksch, Editor-in-Chief of  Her company is located down under; literally. is in New Zealand.

contest is featuring a writing contest.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the novice writer to put his or her creativity and writing skills to the test. Naturally it is also a chance for the experienced writer or author to increase his or her popularity and win a considerable amount of money. Furthermore the first prize is 15,000 dollars, second prize $5,000 and third prize is $2,000.

Contest Entry Form

The good news is that entry for the contest is totally free, no registration fee and no strings attached. It just gets better and better, wow.

This could provide a great chance for anyone who feels the passion to write. More so you have nothing to loss and possible a lot to gain. Here is the Link explaining the contest in detail:

I would love to participate but I am eager to continue work on my third manuscript which will conclude a three part book series that can be read individually or as a set.

The contest sounds great, check it out. I wish to thank the person that sent me this information and suggestion to Post this contest as a blog entry.

I wish everyone that wishes to enter the contest the all the best and will be cheering for you.

Have a good day!


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