New Tendencies Spreading Across the World

There are new human existence tendencies spreading across the world. These tendencies have been spreading more so now then every before. Some people view this as a blessing; others consider it a curse. Many have always felt that there is something other than what we have been taught to understand and believe. There are also some who consider it a disease of the mind; an illusion.

Are you becoming more aware of the changes that you experience daily? Is this happening to you? More and more people are tuning in to this ancient frequency of the universe. People are starting to accept what has always been there; but up to now mostly ignored.

These new existence tendencies are however slowly being accepted as people experience how beneficial these tendencies are in our daily existences. There is a change occurring which is offering a clearer understanding of questions that we have always been asking. Who am I, why I am here and many other questions that really need not be asked. Now we are starting to truly understand that the questions of humankind are mostly irrelevant.

Existence Tendencies

These new tendencies are opening a portal that was never truly shut. We had simply lost the key. These new existence tendencies are offering us this key. Some are willing to take it; other are still experiencing fear, doubt and even anger. These are still restricting and manipulating most of us to a certain degree in our daily activities. The shift has however begun.

Many people are feeling the freedom that can be experienced in these new tendencies. It could be compared to being born and existing in a small cubicle; four walls, a ceiling and floor. This shift in awareness that is occurring is causing the walls to crumble down. There is fear in many; even with no walls to hold us back. We are still reluctant to take that first step. The first step is always the most difficult, but equally the most rewarding.

Above is a list of possible “symptoms” that many people are experiencing. Do you have one or more of these symptoms? Don’t worry, don’t panic everything is wonderful. You don’t need to see a doctor; simply let go and enjoy it.

Best wishes to all

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