NICE: Now is Constantly Everything

We can use the word nice to express the infinity of life consciousness. It is also ideal as a reminder or a mantra during daily activities. We associate nice with good and this is a product of a conditioned mine.


In itself is the use of words a component of our existence and is a necessity for sharing our daily experiences. We can however teach the mind not to expect us to remain a victim of this conditioned behavior and at the same time use a word such as nice for the purpose of expanding our consciousness.

We use verbal communication to express ourselves; therefore it would be beneficial to be consciously aware of the energy that is released through thought and verbal interaction. Why is this beneficial? A word used to express something, such as NICE, is how we share an idea. The use of a word to express something is the best possible attempt to describe, in this case, the release of object conscious energy.

However the focus point of anything whether in the expression of the past, present or future should be now. This sounds ridiculous but it is an unavoidable fact. It is only the mind with its conditioning characteristics that expects you to believe otherwise. It is nice, no pun intended, to fully awaken to the significance of being aware of the now.

A Nice Experience

The now of life is a virtual cooking pot of unmanifested reality that can and will manifest according to the ingredients you add to it. Therefore deeper awareness of how nice the now can be is not only personally beneficial but vibrates consciously throughout the collective realm of the universe that we co-create.

This however does not suggest that the now will always be nice or a peaceful paradise. This is not how an object based universe functions. There are many flowing frequencies of energy that can appear to cause serenity or disruption. This results because of a world that is mostly unconscious to consciousness.

The now will always be constantly everything. Furthermore it is your personal and our collective object conscious energy that determines the interaction with this state of being.

Best wishes of happiness

P.S. I have included music videos that are meant as a reminder that words and definitions in themselves should not be taken too seriously but can offer a gateway to the eternity of life. Deep awareness to the now is the key.

Pete Rodriguez – Oh That’s Nice

Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That


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