Nothingness, Everything and the Big Bang: You are the Creator of Your Reality

Nothingness, everything, our existence, consciousness and life. Somewhat easy to put into one sentence. Much more difficult, perhaps impossible to understand truly. I became consciously aware of something yesterday that totally overwhelmed me. My mind was in overdrive. The beauty of it all was that I felt a pure synchronicity with the dimension of consciousness during this moment of open space consciousness. I will do my best to keep this article concise. There is background information needed otherwise you will not feel the true significance of what happened.

Reflectively I have been pondering on how to have my second book manuscript proofread/edited and by whom. I found a potential company that provides various services for authors. The price for the book editing work was quoted and I accepted. We agreed on a payment plan consisting of a few months. Now it was a matter deciding when to begin the editing work. I; as I am sure many of you, have a monthly budget to follow.

My first intuition was to start the editing work in August of this year. This was the initial “energy” that sparked into thought existence. I decided in that millisecond that August would be the best time to start. What I did not consciously realize is the universal energy ripples that I had set into motion.

I considered how much money I will have monthly over the next half year. I was unsure; seesawing back and forth between whether to start in June or August. I eventually chose to have the company start the editing work in June. However it did not feel right.

Then I received a confirmation email with a request to pay a deposit. I had known about the deposit but not how much. The requested deposit was somewhat more than what I had planned to pay. I instantly “knew” that my initial desire to start in August was the “energy” that I had released into the field of nothingness. (The totality of nothing from which everything is manifested.)

I did not receive what I had initially released into the field of nothingness. The event did not unfold naturally. This had been to start in August. I had; instead, received what the person “Steve” had wanted. Do you sense that there is a difference? This “wanting” from Steve had been generated strictly from life-form mind / thought processes. I can confirm that the choice to start the editing in June had been interwoven with uncertainty, doubt and fear (financial). This “mind” generated “wanting” had not been done from within the unified field of conscious energy.

Nothingness is eternity and everything between.

I realize that it is somewhat difficult for you to place yourself in this situation. It may first sound like a “typical human experience” that happens every day. You may have experienced situations that are similar to this experience. There is however much more to this than we may be willing to accept. We can expand on this experience. What I wish to suggest is that we are truly the creators of our own reality.

The ability to co-create what manifests in the universe depends on our awareness to a conscious existence “within” the field or frequency of life consciousness. This allows us to be consciously unified with the field of energized nothingness; thus we are not only existing…we are creating. There is a further possibility for us to consider. I have a type of thesis that I would like to share with you. It is profound. It is relative to the capability we have to manifest something in this universe, how this is done and how it relates to the Big Bang theory.

What happens in the initial spontaneous spark of creation?

I will write a follow-up article concerning this thesis within the next few days.


Best wishes

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