Object Space Occupation

This almost sounds like the title for a science fiction thriller. However we wish to focus on how an object influences the realm of unmanifested as well as manifested space. Everything tangible occupies space; at least this is how we interpret it through sensory perception.

This is relatively indisputable according to the structures of the mind. However we are becoming more and more aware that balance with life and enlightenment are experienced beyond human object mind intelligence.

A beneficial key in understanding our influence on life and ultimately universal consciousness is energy. Every object is either transfer energy, producing its own or both simultaneously. The latter is usually true but may vary in intensity relating to the objects size and level of mental and conscious evolution.

Every object has the capability to manifest a given reality from this flowing unmanifested energy. This happens continuously and a person will either realize this at some given level of awareness or not. This is something for us to consider in regards to how our existence and life unfolds.

Object Consciousness Rejoins Universal Consciousness

The release of object energy can take on many forms and various intensity levels. Therefore a consciously awakened person may wish to consider how his or her energy is influencing the ultimate field of flowing life energy. Furthermore the energy produced and released into life energy will either flow with it or disrupt it.

Any given object and especially those with higher mental and conscious levels can unknowingly cause friction and block the natural course of life. This same entity, on the other hand, can become consciously aware at a deepened level. Hence there can be harmony and communion with life; regardless of situation or outcome. This may sound unlikely or impossible but you are truly this incredible and divine.

We can flow as life flows and furthermore we are co-creating within this vibrating dimension. Therefore our practice is to strive onward through the simple act of living consciously and to be actively aware of the minds behavior in any given situation.

Every energy impulse that you release is either causing friction or nurturing serenity. Thus it would behoove each person to become more aware of his or her interaction during daily activities. Is your behavior based on mind conditioning or conscious awareness?

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