Objects, Subjects & Knowing

We and really all things are considered objects. Objects are considered to be anything that you can see or touch. Feelings, actions and responses are directed toward objects. Complexity arises through assumptions, definitions and interpretations of objects. This is where the use of the word subject enters the mind. A description or discussion about any given object makes the object a subject. Subjects are dependent on objects. This makes an object subjective. Now what does this all have to do with knowing?


The world and the universe are filled with objects that inadvertently become subjects. This phenomenon results exclusively in life-forms that have reached a given state of consciousness; more so a state of self-consciousness. Such life-forms, as us, subjectively categorize our existence and the universe. This appears to be a typical occurrence in life-forms with the capacity for higher consciousness. We assume to know so much but what has really happened to our state of “knowing”?

Unfortunately human beings have shown a tendency to become more unconscious through the neglect of consciousness. This neglect has and is not necessarily due to intentionally wanting to become or remain unconscious to life. This has simply happened in the course of our species development. I often suggest that a rock has more “real” consciousness because it simple “is” The behavior of a rock or a bird clearly shows that there is a much higher level of pure awareness to life in such objects.

Objects are All-Knowing

This also indicates that a rock or bird exists in a purer state of “knowing”. This is evident through the behavior of such objects. A bird knows that it is cold or hungry without asking such subjective questions as “Why am I cold?” “What should I do?” or “What should I eat?” Objects of the known universe simply “are” and “do” without subjective consideration.

These objects are “all-knowing” without even knowing it. We; on the other hand, are all-knowing. The problems occur in our existence because we know that we are all-knowing but we don’t know what to do about it. This may first sound confusing but let’s consider something. Here I am referring to the level of human intelligence. The mind has become very active and very conditioned to asking questions, assuming and interpreting. These things have not necessarily contributed harmoniously to experiencing life.

Rather this has resulted in us remaining in a fixed state of unconsciousness. We observe this state of unawareness to life from an intelligent subjective perspective that assures us that we are all-knowing. While actually we are sticking our head in the sand and letting life pass us by. We sense deep-down that something is not right in relation to our understanding of objects, their existence and life but we continue to repeat the patterns established by the mind. Therefore, although it sounds “unthinkable” to the mind, our conscious awakening, expansion and reunification with universal consciousness lies beyond the mind.

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