Oblivious and Numb to Life

Words are a method that we use to express what we think, feel and experience. The word oblivious is, therefore, best suited to illustrate our relationship with this moment. We accept numbness to life and love as normal in our existence.


I recently had an email correspondence with someone. This person expressed difficulties and questions relating to living on a spiritual path and experiencing love. The insight I shared in the email correlates with this article. Therefore, I wish to share excerpts from this conversation.

The mind has a tendency to invoke complexity. It questions everything and when there are no answers it makes up assumptions, beliefs and stories. The mind is oblivious to living and loving. This is because it is overwhelmed with determining why and how to live and love.

Why do we usually associate conflicts, confusion and fear with living and loving? This is what most people still experience in situations when the mind dominates. The true self that knows life and knows love wishes to be free and experience these energy frequencies without restriction. Nevertheless, the state of being is manipulated by conditioned behavior patterns that overshadow presence.

Oblivious to Truly Living and Loving

Our relationship to life and love energy frequencies remains oblivious. We are, additionally, numbed by the demand to understand what is obvious. Localized energy is consumed in attempts to explain life as well as our obsession with loving or not loving. Therefore, we overlook the depth and clarity available when we simply live and love.

It would be greatly beneficial, consciously speaking, to acknowledge that life or love does not overwhelm or existence. These frequencies are constant and flow or don’t flow according to our state of presence or lack of it. Furthermore, the focus of our awareness and how we decide to associate with life and love determines our relationship with living and loving. The time is now to change from being oblivious to being actively alive.

Universal energy is within a flowing dimension of non-manifestation. Your localized object energy is what co-creates the manifestations we experience. You are life and you are love. The intensity to which you wish to experience these frequencies without the burdens of mind intervention is strictly your choice. This means you know (without thinking) how to live and you know (without needing to understand) how to love. Simply do it and stop asking why.

Best wishes

P.S. There was more insight and questions shared during the conversation and I wish to thank this person for writing to me.


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