One is the Loneliest Number; or is it?

Human consciousness is an expressing of life. Consciousness is the act of meeting life on a one-to-one basis. Unfortunately our species evolution of consciousness has been subjected to other components of our evolution. Human consciousness has suffered terribly, which is continually multiplied through species conditioning and lack of awareness.

This manipulates the human consciousness into playing the human species game of life. The weight of our species conditioning is a heavy burden on our personal and collective experiences. The belief structures have the destructive impact of a runaway locomotive. Perhaps the one human attribute that can save us would be the uniting of human consciousness with universal consciousness. It is only our defined and judgmental concepts and beliefs that have separated the two. There is no division of the two, except in our man-made delusion. The human species’ natural habitual desires to mimic, restrict or modify self-imposed human concepts of life have greatly complicated the development of our awakened consciousness. It is true that there are many advantages to our species’ evolutional traits. Unfortunately, dark and elusive patterns of constriction and denial have arisen from our developmental growth. These side-effects continue to hamper the acceptance of our state of being in life’s oneness.  That is why we have mostly remained confused. We live the one true moment of life in a state of anxiety and fear.

One is the Totality of Life

We have an understanding of life which entails constant existence dissatisfaction. Our species’ evolutionary development combined with the eventual awakening of our self-consciousness has resulted in human beings “believing” that life is there to be questioned. We assume our species development happened because we were chosen to answer the “big questions” of life. One of the best known self-imposed human species question is “Who am I?” This and all other questions are only man-made assumptions.

Life does not wish for us to ask any questions. Life does not wish for us to answer any questions. Life essentially only wants to give and be experienced. The fact that our species has evolved to its current stage does not mean we should or even have the right to impose such demands on ourselves and life. Any assumptions or beliefs, as well as questions, are based on illusions. This is true whether you are an atheist or a God-fearing person. Any humanly conceived interpretation of life is, in essence, non-existent and delusional. This is solely because all man-made constructions, concepts, and contents are non-existent or at the most not essential to “living” within life’s oneness.


Best wishes

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my latest book “Simplicity of Life”.



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