One is the Only Number that You Will Every Need

Consciousness is the one constant. Life equals consciousness. Is this a plausible idea? Perhaps it would also be appropriate to say that consciousness wishes to experience itself through objects and forms. A form in itself may not have actual consciousness. Consciousness evolves as the form evolves. Life-form consciousness is a reflection; a manifestation of the one consciousness. The awakening of self-awareness; thus consciousness, initiated a duality into our existence.


It is at this point that a form (species) will usually personalize consciousness. A species (such as we humans) then starts to see consciousness as “my consciousness or our consciousness”. What happens to the state of absolute consciousness at this point? It is still there, isn’t it?

The level of conscious awareness is dependent on the state of evolution of any given form. Human beings have reached a stage that offers a true glimpse into universality. Two options could be consider in relation to our state of awakening. We can accept this awakening as a gift. This gift provides an opening into, and a cooperative existence with life (universal consciousness). Or we can continue to allow human creative and emotionally bound intelligence to orchestrate a human reality based on denial and illusion.

The determining factor in conscious enlightenment is how awakened any life-form is to the absolute consciousness that is manifesting through any particular form. It would be easier to chuck out such words as “conscious enlightenment”, “awakening” or even “conscious manifestation”. This terms could be simplified by saying that enlightened is a fine-tuned state of presence (isness). How truly present are we now?

Form consciousness develops and transpires through evolutionary development. There is a next step that follows after a given form or species has reached a given self-conscious awakened level of evolution. This next step is dependent on if a species becomes aware of consciousness, accepts consciousness and then prefers to existence in this field of one consciousness. In other words; what a species does with its awakened state of higher consciousness recognition is significant for further personal and equally, universal consciousness expansion.

One and Only One

Human beings have initiated and nurture an existence of complications, manipulations, and deceit. Was this path “chosen” or did humankind simple develop according to the flow of evolution? It could be said that this holds a given truth when viewed from human body and mind. But there came a point when we became “conscious”. This soon resulted in us become self-conscious. Eventually human beings became conscious of consciousness from a higher state of mind understanding and form conscious. It is important to understand what is meant by the word “chosen”.

The human species experiences evolutionary developments. This is true for every form. The development of our human mind intelligence and human self-consciousness gave our species the opportunity to experience the activities of the mind, body, and universe. We slowly, but steadily “choose” to make “choices” over life that were and are “choices” that don’t truly exist. We have been making choices about life that were never choices to be made. The choices occurred through conceptual human content. The human species brought the concept “choices” into our understanding of life. We see this in all areas of our human existence.

We are actually swimming in the totality of life. This is truly the one constant. The only choices in life are those created by our species understanding of life. There is only life. We “choose” to believe that there is a heaven and also a hell. We have “chosen” to believe that there is life and also death. To believe that “choices” are a reality condemns us to adding still more choices on a continual repetitious loop. This is a pattern that can only increase our separation from truth.

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