One Moment in Life: A book about existence, consciousness, and life


Hello Everyone,

I wish to thank everyone for the questions, comments and interest concerning my first book and soon to be published second book. I am honored. I am truly thankful to you.

I considered how I could express my gratitude to you. I love flowers. The difficulty lies in picking enough flowers for everyone that has expressed interest in what I write; as well as others with whom I correspond, share and reflect on ideas and insights about our existence in general and life.

I have decided for this reason that it would be best to give everyone a field of natural flowers. The view can be enjoy without picking the flowers or if you wish you can pick a few. I won’t be able to help with the flowers picking, but I will eventually share the beauty of these flowers with you.

The beauty that you see in the flowers originates from your own inner beauty. This is something that is first personal; only for you. Then; as you bask in this beauty, it expands through the energy vibration to be shared with everyone and everything. Everything is connected through this vibrating energy field; personally and universally.

flowers02Thank you so much; best wishes

P.S. I wish to respond to a few of the questions that were asked. One Moment in Life is available over most book retailers; Amazon is the favorite of most people. I would really appreciate a book review from anyone that may read it.

The second book should be ready for publication in December of this year. The publication date is set for December but it is not definite. I feel confident that it will be published in December.

The second book will also be available through most book retailers. Here again is Amazon the most popular.

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