“One Moment in Life” Breaks the Language Barrier: Amazon Free Book Promotion

One Moment in Life

“One Moment in Life” is now available in the German language as book or Kindle format. This is one small step for my personal growth, one larger step toward sharing ideas and insights with the world. The book takes a random look at different aspects of our human existence and life.

It reflects on topics relating to the mind, the emotions, the ego and behavioral conditioning; to name a few. There are sections of the book that could be considered stepping stones or sign posts for people experiencing an awakening of mind and consciousness. It may be useful for those individuals that are experiencing an inner and outer shift in consciousness.

Many of us are reconsidering everything we have been taught and shown to believe. More and more people are questioning the worn out belief systems. The human mind is slowly but surely shifting perspective toward a more cooperative existence with universal intelligence. We are gradually remembering are essence. Human beings are accepting the nature order of life instead of holding on to patterns of content existence that have proven to be non-valid.

There are no absolute humanly derived answers for questions concerning life and universal consciousness. These are questions that perhaps should not even be asked. We are part of life and the universe…we are all this and more.

There will be an Amazon FREE Book Promotion from February 01, 2016 until February 05, 2016. “One Moment in Life” – “Ein Einziger Moment im Leben” will be available in both English and German languages in Kindle Format as download during this Free Book Promotion week. I hope that you will enjoy the book. My wish would be for you to hopefully find something within the words that will help you in rediscovering the true self.

There will be more book promotion events featured from time to time. My second book will be published in the winter / spring of 2016.

Best wishes to everyone

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