One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One step forward, two steps back is a popular saying. Urbandictionary com describes this saying in the following manner: “making progress towards something but making less progress rather than more”. Cambridge org defines this saying as: “If you take one step forward, two steps back, you make progress but then experience events that cause you to be further behind than you were when you made the progress.”

Does this saying apply to the development of conscious awareness? It seems that true spiritual awakening is continuously restricted; at the least, manipulated by human behavior. This behavior consists of thoughts and emotions that are conditioned. This conditioning is reinforced by unconscious repetitive responses and actions. The human species tendency to resist change causes a blockade to the portal of universal oneness.


We speak about a given topic; spiritual, God, oneness. We wish to initiate changes in other human beings. The hope is to benefit others in the process of awakening and awakened consciousness We wish to share. This is where something gets lost in transaction. We could even say that something gets lost in the “manifestation” of what it is we wish to share.

We have a marvelous ability to bend and twist words and symbols to accommodate any given word or topic that we feel can be used to define or signify another word or topic. Let us refer to the word “spirituality” as well as “awakening” for examples in this discussion. Our initial intention is usually based on an inspiration that has been ignited by an experience that we associate with spiritual. The experience may also be something that has awakened us consciously. This awakening is a fancy term for saying that the blockade between human form consciousness and universal consciousness has been removed.

During such a moment we sense the infinity of oneness. It is even possible for us to acknowledge where we fit in to this vast space. We realize that somehow we are this vast space in its entirety. It seems that this endless space is so huge but at the same moment so infinitesimal. This may be because a single atom or an entire universe is all within this frequency of thriving consciousness. Visa-verse; we are actually the essence of this consciousness. We are; in many ways, the conductor of this consciousness energy.

step to findingThis is why it is essential to share this energy directly from the source. We all know of this true consciousness, this oneness. It unfortunately can be detoured or filtered out in the process of sharing. Then the human mind often uses this frequency of pure conscious energy in manners of sharing that have nothing to do with true spiritual oneness awakening. We often mean well. Many people have good intentions; some do not, to give and receive…to consciously become one. This can easily seen in the manner by which people behave. It is evident in what is eventually shared with others. This is why the saying; one step forward, two steps back can be used here. The last sentences may be somewhat abstract. I will clarify these in an upcoming article that will soon be Posted…this article is to be continued.

Best wishes to everyone

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