Origin of Consciousness

Consciousness has been a topic of fascination and frustration throughout humankind’s evolution. This has been especially true over the last few thousand years. Scientist and doctors tell us much about how the brain functions. Many others speculate on how consciousness works; still others explain theories concerning the processes involved in consciousness. The use of religions, science and fantasy has given us supposed reasons for this mystery called consciousness.


Consciousness is often associated with religions and the supernatural. It is believed to be transference from a deity to life forms and even lifeless objects. Scientist approach most discussion of consciousness from the perspective of brain activate processes. Spirituality doesn’t really offer prove or non-prove of it. Spirituality is content with accepting consciousness as it “is”.

The dimension of consciousness may be based on Life form energy output. This would be the energy manifested through a life form. This originates from a frequency of life energy in the universe. This eventually induces form consciousness through the continual process of input / output. Did consciousness originate from the expansion of life form energy output which comes from this energy field?

The universe may have always had an energy dimension that can initiate and manifest life. This may correlate with our earlier article discussions which discussed physical matter being 99.9 percent nothingness and aspects of quantum physic. We are a part of this energy field; we are essentially “it”. Life manifests through objects / forms. This implies that it manifests through “itself” in a continual cycle. The life energy field is similar to a frequency transformer / frequency regulator. Life form energy vibrations and consciousness are released into this field of original nothingness.

Consciousness and Life

The earliest forms of “life” started around 3.85 billion years ago (Achaean Period). Consciousness appears to be based on life. Does this mean that the dimension of universal nothingness first acquired consciousness after the beginning and expansion of life? We have yet to determine if there is any form of life on other planets or in other galaxies. Therefore we should limit our discussion perimeters to earth. Did life on earth initiate a component of consciousness into a dimension of nothingness which has expanded through life form energy output?

Consciousness has thus established itself as a component of this energy field. It has been and still is nourished by life form energy vibrations and consciousness. How does this all pertain to human beings? What possibilities are available for us? What impacts (personally, socially and evolutionary) will this eventual have on us has human beings? I will be posting the last part of this article soon. I would love to hear your ideas concerning the topics of this and other articles. The link below is an article discussion consciousness from a scientist viewpoint.

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Scientist Perspective

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