Pain: No Thank You!

Pain has many faces. It is based on physical discomfort and mental conditioning and behavior. We are primarily interested in considering the pain that originates from mind patterns associated with conditioned reactions. The “pain body”, as Eckhart Tolle describes it, is a menacing entity that is always lurking in the mental shadows of the mind during our interactions.


There are several things that can be considered about this phenomenon but I wish to write specifically about our encounters with other people. Almost every person has some level of pain and while a few people may be aware of it, most are not. This pain is a personal and collective accumulation of experiences and influenced by conditioned reactions.

Pain is a Choice

Generally most daily experiences are with people who have not awakened consciously. This gives any type of mental pain a chance to overtake a person’s conscious state of being. Two consciously oblivious people will add even more suffering to a given experience and so on and so on.

I recall many such encounters when I was younger. Now, in hindsight, I understand how my reactions to a situation with another person were caused due to my lack of true awareness to the moment and my own state of being. Simply said, I was not present. This resulted in the mind conditioned reactions dominating a situation. Thereby I would literally absorb the other person’s pain. This, in turn, would intensify the pain that was already actively being released from my mind.

Furthermore the mind was able to manipulate my state of consciousness into accepting that this was solely “my” pain. It was inconceivable to suggest that this pain originated in another person. I was, at that time, sure I must be the problem and that my suffering was due to a number of deficiencies in my character and philosophy on life.

Pain: How to Heal It

Try observing yourself and the other person from a third person (active awareness) perspective the next time you encounter someone, regardless of the person or situation. This is especially beneficial to enter space consciousness. This happens when you become very aware the instant you feel something (frustration, anger, confusion or any number of vibrations) from another person.

Here it is essential that you are observing yourself from a place beyond the interference of the mind. You will begin to understand that your inner well-being in each moment will determine what happens during any encounter. Do not assume that the other person’s pain body is originating in you. You will then recognize and be able to just say “no” to another person’s pain. This will allow you to exist, unencumbered, in space consciousness. You will no longer strive to be present, rather you will be presence.pp


Best wishes


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