Party of Life

Party time; it is a new day. The gate is open. Most of us are allowed to run wild. I wish everyone a fantastic grill-time, free-party day and weekend. There is a time for everything. Human beings have decided that the weekend is made for parties, fun and sun…

Who am I to go against tradition.

Lets have a party and dance to the rhythm of life and love.

There is joy, laughter and blessings to be experienced in every moment, but it is not always easy or possible to remember this fact. We can and should dedicate human / life energy consciously to tip the scale. Thinking and caring about other people, animals, plants, the world and the universe can and will transform everything.

Life is a party of unification; everyone is invited.

Now, back to the weekend. Truly experience and live life as if someone forgot to shut the gate to freedom through conscious awareness. 

P.S. Please let us all remember that not everyone can or will party or laugh; whether on the weekend or any other day. There are people in situations that defer or inhibit celebrating life. This may be due to health, poverty or any number of human existence situations.

Best wishes


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