Path in Life: How is it decided?

We insist on channeling large amount of localized and life energy into finding and staying on a human existence path. More so, people have been taught from the time of childhood that this is important and must be done. Most individuals receive feedback and instructions from family, peers, and society. We are taught the potential importance of a path. We conform to this human existence generalization and concentrate fully on finding a path that is right for us. The media, government, science and religion tell us that we are only productive and good when we are continuously striving for a path that will ensure happiness.



This path will supposedly give our existence a purpose. It is strange that this never happens. It is difficult to comprehend the true ramifications of such conditioning behavior. The conscious “self” is usually obscured by the minds activities. The path indicated by parents, peers and society could have a relate importance to our existence but not an absolute consequence. The development of our human existence is based on either a conscious or unconscious state of awareness. The human being that you are now is the determining factor in anything that would remotely be considered a path. More accurately, your relationship to universal consciousness and the moment is the determining factor in what you will experience.

Universal oneness, in itself does not have an absolute path for us. We could say that there are two “path” possibilities that we can consider for the sake of this discussion or practical purposes. There is an existence development that will induce conforming (becoming conditioned) due to the lack of awareness to consciousness. Or there is the unfolding of our existence through a harmonized partnership with universal intelligence. Therefore an active awareness to the oneness or totality of life allows us to witness and co-create with this universal consciousness. I feel that this human experience is based on the relationship between our human consciousness and the universal intelligence. The first step is to go beyond the mind and witness life from the field of consciousness.

Path to Universal Consciousness

Should we consider that our existence path is decided by fate, the stars, or any such factor? We use these words and labels far too often in explaining or justifying something that we cannot understand. We have a need to understand and explain our human existence. That’s why these assumptions and definitions are used to explain human destiny. Human beings easily accept explanations such as fate, the stars, or even our genetics in an attempt to explain our presence here in the universe. Unfortunately, these explanations do not give us true satisfaction. We usually cannot prove these things one way or the other. These explanations leave us shrugging our shoulders and still not really understanding if there is a purpose to our existence or to the question “What is life?”

It may be true that each decision or action we make as human beings can influence the next step or action that occurs on a human existence path; at least it sounds good on paper. It even seems to have a relative truth for us. However this is the world of illusions based on conditioning that the mind has created and nurtures. Enlightenment is possible when we are truly aware of the path that we “choose” in terms of mind-made or conscious-made.


Best wishes to everyone


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