Patience is One of Three Possible Steps to Aware Consciousness

Letting go, having patience and allowing; it sounds so easy on paper. The hard fact however proves that this is not always easy. We are attempting to resist conditioning on both emotional and mental levels that started tens of thousands of years ago. Human beings do not really know how to do what we do any other way then how we do it. Try repeating that sentence three times really fast 🙂

The process of letting go may involve being truly aware of what is unfolding; we are letting go. This is a state of being; of issness. Letting go is not what is happening. It is what you are in that moment. You are the state of letting go. This is true for all the many moments of experiencing that in actuality boil down to one moment…one experience.

Whatever this may be, in that moment we are it. We you place your hands in water, you become the water. When you hold a flower in your hand it is actually your true self that you are holding. Sensing this in any given moment may open the portal to release…letting go. This does not mean that you or I will have no personal objects or property. It will simply mean that we do not consider these things something that we must grasp thus keep or cherish. Letting go opens space in our existence.


Emotional and mental conditioning have complicated the act of letting go. We are probably also struggling with an innate impulse that started early in our evolution. The need to “have” to dominate and survive. That was then, this is “now”. “Now” is all that is significant. It is all that there really is to experience. This is how practicing patience can help to clear the clutter away. Patience during that one and only moment can alter our perception. This will start the shift in how we see consciousness. More accurately said, it will allow a change to occur in how we see ourselves, the universe and life.

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