PC to Tablet and Back again


Hello everybody

Picture; if you will, a journey…a journey from PC to tablet and perhaps eventually back again.
I have not been actively adding Posts recently due to  a “change” in my routine. I have decided to do away with the standard home PC that has occupied a corner of the living room. I felt that it was time to alter the way by which I interact within the matrix.

I also had a few other key behavioral issues associated with the PC that contributed to this decision. I am sure you can relate to behavior patterns that seem to stand in our way. This behavior routines are somehow something that we have “acquired” but would do almost anything to stop such behavior. The details on these issues are not relevent to our discussion. We are all familiar with the implications associated with unwanted behavior actions and responses. 

Our conversation however is centered on the significance of changing. We read about change. Initiating a “change” in our existence is also a freedom building block in optaining enlightenment. We are told about and share ideas concerning how important changing may be for humankind. What are we actually suggesting when we say that it is time to change / “a change is “needed”? I will be writing more about this topic over the next few days. (That is, if I survive the mental fatigue that seems to be there since changing from a PC to a Tablet.)

I would be very interested in reading your ideas and insights concerning if and how you are “changing” in accordance with the awakening of the true self. Please Post a comment or send me a message or email. I would also love to read your ideas about “love”. I am writing a third book that will take a look at love; someting that we have experienced since the  beginning of our species. What is love? How has it been used and misused in our personal and social experiences? It would be wonderful to hear your insights concerning this topic.

Best wishes to everyone


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